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# Peak Pottering

You may want to consider some mindful clay work at home.
Playing with clay is fantastic for lowering the heart rate, focusing on a task, occupying your mind and hands and firing up your creativity.
 All you really need to get going is some imagination and a bit of clay! 
Here is what Peak Potters can provide to get you started :
(Your purchases will also help support Peak Potters while all classes and sessions are on hold.)


You can purchase a small 1.25kg block of terracotta clay at £5 (one free for existing class members)

or a whole 10kg bag at £20, with free delivery in the Whaley Bridge/Chapel area. Non-contact collection is also possible by arrangement.

Tool Kit

Buy a tool kit for £14 to help you with your creations. Items include 2 wooden modelling tools, a serrated 

metal rib, a gouging tool, a wire cutter and some plaster board and fabric to help you recycle your clay. 


Follow @PeakPotters and the hashtag


to keep in touch and ask any questions. You can post photos of your creations and be inspired by others!


See the list below to set you on your way, and don't forget to follow Peak Potters on Instagram or Facebook for ongoing advice and tips.


Things to Remember:


Prepare an area for you to work. Give yourself enough space for the project you have in mind. For example rolling clay with a rolling pin might require more room than clay modelling. Put some old fabric underneath the clay if you are rolling out.


Bear in mind terracotta could stain - test on a small inconspicuous area of your table first and wear old clothes or an apron. It is better to work on a porous surface so that the clay doesn't sucker onto it, or put some fabric underneath, especially if you are pushing down hard on the clay.


Improvise some tools ✎ eg. a small knife, a short length of wooden dowel... and have a small empty yoghurt pot handy with a little bit of water in it and a sponge. you can use these to moisten cracks if the clay dries out too soon.


Take what clay you need, then reseal the bag so the rest of the clay doesn't dry out.


Make a mini pot out of clay and put some water in it. Stir the water and clay together with an old paint brush, being careful not to wear a hole in the bottom - now you have slip, which acts like glue for sticking bits of clay together.


You can a) choose to make things you want to keep ✎. Once you have made them, put them safely to one side out of harm's way and out of direct sunlight as it dries. Or b) you can make something new with the same piece of clay by re-using and recycling it ✎.


Don't forget to take photos of what you create and share them with the rest of us!

Tag @peakpotters and use the hashtag #peakpottering

Have fun!

ps. If you've found other ways to create eg with air drying clay or plasticine, show us these too!

✎ This symbol means there is more information to follow.  Please check back soon. (15/10/21)
Please email to make purchases.
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